About Us


          Bangkok  Telecom  Engineering  (BTE)  was  established  in  1997;  initially  began  with  providing  Installation  services  and supplying  local  material for telecommunication network roll-out. The company provided services such as the GSM Base Station (BTS) designing and installation, civil work and site preparation.

          From  2007,  Bangkok  Telecom  Engineering  has  recognized  as  one  of  the  leading  local  telecommunication  service  provider  companies  in  the telecommunication provider market. Bangkok Telecom Engineering prides itself with great aptitude in the six services of Logistic, Survey, Site preparation, Installation, Commissioning, and cellular network optimization.

          Bangkok Telecom Engineering  has become the major service provider who is able to offer an extensive range of the solutions for all types of businesses in the telecommunication market. Now Bangkok Telecom Engineering provides high-quality, cost-effective products and service to major mobile operators in Thailand.

          Since  establishment, we have done  over 5,000 sites turnkey  and maintenance of more than  1,500 sites of base stations all over Thailand. We are proud of the results of our achievement, we success to build mobile infrastructure of full turned key cellular communication.

        Bangkok Telecom Engineering employed  approximately 200 staffs  who  are technicians, engineers, Installation supervisors, project  managers,  survey engineers and back office support staffs. 

        Bangkok Telecom Engineering also provides logistic, store and warehouse services to its customers. With 3 fully equipped cargo vehicles and 60 project vehicles, BTE can offer its customers a full turnkey project management to smooth its customer’s project roll-out.

       Bangkok Telecom Engineering is ISO 9001 (version 2015) certified  by BSI.  This certification indicate our commitment to high quality Installation and commissioning of Tower & civil work, Wireless solution and Optical Fiber system, as well as our commitment to continually improving our company, our products and our quality management system