BTE offer Radio Network Planning services and support for delivering maximum coverage using the latest cutting-edge tools for LTE/WCDMA.  At the beginning of planning a network project, one of the most critical issues is identifying the project’s limitations while considering the various challenges that may potentially occur during execution and implementation. 

With BTE’s years of field experience and in-depth expertise in Cellular Network Planning, customers benefit from experts who offer forward thinking and deliver thorough and cost-effective planning in the most productive way possible. As a project develops, BTE works closely with customers in order to accurately define targets and outline expected performance criteria. 

BTE considers issues such as optimal coverage area, anticipated site costs and a host of other essential factors involved in cellular network planning for large-scale, multiple site networks. In-depth planning includes comprehensive engineering for RF propagation analysis, model tuning and reviewing nominal plans. If the need arises for supporting acquisition activities, BTE provides evaluation of potential cell site locations, drive tests for site validation, design of RF and antenna systems, frequency checks and planning.

In - Building Solutions
 BTE provides   In-Building Wireless Systems, including equipment delivery, RF design, and construction to infrastructure integrators using fully integrated RF tools. BTE designers have the experience to take In-Building Network standardizing design in order to enhance tomorrow's system requirements.
BTE’s cost-effective services and modernized mobile network extensions for indoor solutions can be easily and quickly applied to any environment. Our indoor solutions, backed by BTE’s team of engineers, are experienced in all wireless technology.
At BTE we have chosen to be non-vendor specific which means we work with the widest possible range of equipment providers. This allows us a creative flexibility that facilitates our ability to offer customized planning and design that precisely suits our customers’ needs.
  Our ensemble of technologies enables us to offer a range of in-building services including :
- RF Design & Planning - BTE’s RF Planning Services enhance communication in areas with bad RF expansion and penetration. BTE can cover RF closed coverage circles with microcells, Pico cells, repeaters, hidden sites and more.
- System Installation & Implementation – BTE specializes in internal  infrastructures; installation of cable guides, communication boxes and special active equipment; deployment and networking of optical, coaxial ,and copper   cables,

Telecom Equipment Installation and Commissioning
BTE is a skilled telecommunications installer with superior implementation of a range of network elements such as NodeB( base stations) , antenna transmission lines and more. BTE’s unique services cover logistics, warehousing and equipment delivery, as well as site survey, pre-installation planning, equipment installation and integration. This includes the handling of antenna and feeder installations; RF/MW antenna/dish mounting with feeder installations and RF sweep testing; BTS and BSC//RNC integration; preparation and execution of acceptance test; and comprehensive "as built" documentation.
The BTE procedures are there to ensure highly accessible control of every stage of the network installation progress.
As authorized equipment installers for the world's leading suppliers, BTE's teams of qualified technicians undergo intensive, ongoing training in all aspects of their work. This results in BTE offering quality expertise and professionalism at every stage of a project.

Transmission Network
  BTE has experience in Transmission network design and installation on various technologies such as PDH /SDH /DWDM.   BTE is skilled in Installation and commissioning of both microwave and Optical equipment’s 

BTE’s wide range of Transmission services includes network design and network deployment & implementation. BTE’s teams are experts in turnkey Transmission project. Our Transmission engineering and design services offer a one-stop shop from planning and design, implementation, testing, project management and maintenance.
Microwave Network
BTE has extensive experience in microwave network design and installation including Microwave links, Microwave Antenna, Microwave Equipment and Microwave Communication. BTE is skilled in Installation and Commissioning of microwave Links including SDH and PDH.
BTE’s wide range of microwave services includes microwave network planning, microwave Network Design and microwave network deployment& implementation. 
   BTE’s  teams are experts in turnkey microwave  project and all our installers and  commissioners are experienced and efficient at completing microwave projects on schedule. Our microwave engineering and design services offer a one-stop shop from planning and design and performance reliability; with microwave links engineering, implementation, testing, project management and maintenance.
Outside Plant (OSP)
BTE – OSP engineering provide both the full and semi turn-key services for all types of projects both Aerial and Underground construction. The services consist of Fiber networks deployment design, Smart Grid deployment design for fiber back haul, fiber transition to wireless components and all fiber networks. 
  In addition, we also offer others related services such as Site surveys, Route planning, Right - of - way requirements, County and City required permit engineering.

  AWN ODN-Support FTTH Project Phase.4  (New OLT 439 Site, 36 Province ,OFC 3,321Km)
- Survey & Design Splitter
- Design Routing & KMZ File
- Survey & Detail Design Drawing (DD)
- Submit Document On NBTC Web
- Permission PEA
- Update Data On OSP Keeper (AWN)
- Supply OFC & Accessories
- OFC Laying & Splice 
- Test PON
Tower & Civil Engineering
BTE Civil Engineering team provides a host of design services for diverse structures and telecom towers. BTE are able to deliver a fresh perspective to tower construction as well as to the telecom structural and civil engineering needs of their customers. BTE’s professional team of telecom civil engineering experts have extensive experience in providing a variety of telecom civil engineering services such as Architectural Site Layout, Structural Steel Design & Detailing, and Concrete Foundations.

BTE also has experience in Civil Works and Engineering in the spheres of drainage, access roads, grounding, underground conduits and security. Designs are planned and executed by an experienced group of certified engineers on the customer's requirements.
Choosing Locations 
  Site Acquisition and Permitting is always done in close with local associates whose useful insight, knowledge of local bureaucracy and confidential connections  usually help to drive the permitting process forward as fast as possible.

The road to discovering ideal Cell Tower Locations in concentrated urban areas is paved with trials and tribulations. It often requires a special mix of ingenuity, persuasion and smart technical skills. Search teams also need to take into account environment quality considerations and to this end,

  BTE teams join with carefully selected local professionals as they seek to acquire access to highly desired locations.


Electricity Supplies 
At BTE, a team of experts from our Electrical engineers are on hand to deliver a full range of electrical needs and services providing flexible solutions for:
- Electrical Implementation
- Electrical Maintenance
- Coordination with Utility Companies
- Next-Generation Upgrades
- Customized Electrical Modifications
- Telecom & Data Wiring
As part of our corporate turnkey services, BTE offers additional components to the cell site including :