Why should select BTE as your solution partner?

           BTE is a leading service provider of wireless network infrastructure solutions.  BTE has established a reputation of a top player and industry leader over the past 20 years. 
             BTE offers  a wide range of turnkey  solutions for  wireless  network infrastructure that  precisely meet the  evolving  needs of  cellular  network  operators including telecom towers supply, wireless construction and wireless professional services. In the last decade 
             BTE has deployed over 5,000 cellular sites throughout the Kingdom of Thailand enabling their professional telecom teams to gain the experience needed in order to enhance their expertise while successfully implementing every stage of a client dedicated project.
            With its creative thinking, flexible solutions, over a decade of experience and extensive in-house skills including multi-skilled engineering and project
managers, BTE is qualified to solve any telecom infrastructure challenge.
            Over and above service and solutions, BTE offers a partnership style vision that make us more of a business associate than a mere system provider, as we work together towards building optimized solutions.
           BTE is proud of its strong presence in Thailand. At BTE, we are proud to work with leading global vendors such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, and major operators such as AIS, DTAC, True Move, CAT, TOT and others.