BTE is today positioned as a leading player with experience in telecom infrastructure services delivering turnkey project management to the telecom market. 
Our project managers work with all technologies providing telecom infrastructure with precise know-how and exceptional capabilities while delivering projects on time and within budget.
BTE’s team of experienced Project Managers work hand-in-hand with customers to manage a checklist of project milestones that ensures every project is completed exactly on schedule and within budget. A proven track record of superbly coordinated end-to-end Project Management coupled with superior organization and established communication policies make BTE the perfect partner for Telecom Infrastructure Services
BTE provides field-proven telecom maintenance for customer’s evolving Wireless Network requirements supported by a wealth of experiences
BTE works to ensure that networks continue functioning as effectively as they did from their first days of installation. To this end, BTE provides a wide range of maintenance services that continuously system performance and provide the fine-tuning necessary for maximum results.
BTE’s support services including 24/7 stand-by and preventative action with maintenance programs. 
BTE's dedicated 24/7 maintenance team is always on-call for any support that may need urgently.  When necessary, our team will coordinate services providers and provides maintenance backed by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians for equipment repair and replacement services