It is BTE commitments to conduct its operations in accordance with the highest business ethical considerations, to comply with the laws of the countries in which BTE operates. This commitment applied to all units of BTE to all staff regardless of function, grade or standing. 
            In order to hold a top place among the successful company in telecommunication service sector, 
            BTE has the following commitments :
              • HAPPY CUSTOMER : All staff in BTE contributes to customer satisfaction, even if they do not directly connect with our clients.               
              • HAPPY EMPLOYEE :  Our Employees are the key to BTE success. We provide optimum benefits to our staff and give them opportunities to grow in 
              • HAPPY BUSINESS PARTNERS. – We provide our partner  the opportunity to grow business together with us. 
Customer Charter 

               • BTE commits to have a prompt response to customer demand with customer satisfaction.

               • BTE commits that all BTE staff are responsible to   customer satisfaction.

               • All company activities contribute to customer satisfaction, although do not directly related to clients.

               • BTE commit to respect human rights, ensure the reliable working environment and safeguard the latitude of thought.

               • BTE will not discriminate staff to grow in the organization regardless of their personal background.  

               • We regularly provide trainings and education to our staff.

               • We provide our staff total benefits package that keeps them empower in working with us
Business Partner 

               • Win-Win sharing benefits

               • Hand-in-hand when they are facing the problems 

               • Keep our commitments.

Social - Responsibilities

        • Bangkok Telecom Engineering is committed to respecting human rights, ensuring reliable working environment and also safeguarding the latitude of

        • Bangkok Telecom Engineering doesn’t discriminate any staff or partners,

        • Bangkok Telecom Engineering encourages its suppliers and contractors to carry out the same principles.