BTE is able to rapidly supply quantities according to customer request from its wide range of standard tower designs. The BTE Towers are readily available in diverse sizes from 3 to 140 meters and configurations of 3 legs, 4 legs, guyed masts, monopoles and roof top solutions.  
Antenna Mounting  
  BTE manufacture and supply a wide range of towers mounting for installation of Antenna of wireless communications.  
BTE’s broad spectrum of quality site solution are rooted in excellence and based on sturdy construction and are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.
All the mentioned supply items are just example of commonly used and the high rate items which they are used in the typical installation works.  We are ready to discuss with you on sourcing other items as you wish to reduce your workload and reduce your cost of material handling. 
RF Feeder system and accessories 
BTE with its partners supply a wide range of RF cable and connectors for using in both Indoor and outdoor radio and transmission. . BTE’s broad spectrum of RF feeder system and coaxial connector series are rooted in excellence and based on sturdy construction, and are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications 

Feeder Cables
Feeder cables have a broad-use, such as land mobile and cellular radio, earth station antenna jumper cables, jumpers for equipment’s room and antenna connection, military data links, VLF AM and FM radio broadcast systems, point to point territorial microwave and so on. 

  The complete ranges of feeder cable made by our partner have excellent electrical performance and low in VSWR, easy to install and maintain.

RF Coaxial Cable & Connector 
The Connector from our partner has a thread joining structure. Its Characteristics are large power and capacity, low voltage standing wave ratio, high performance of third-order intermodulation and good air tightness. It can be used in the system of broadcast and television antenna, jumper connecting and microwave communication system. 

The coaxial connectors have the characteristic of reliable and strong anti-vibration nature. The connector, which joined the coaxial cable by one whole extensively, can be used in vibrational and abominable radio equipment, ground launch system. Reduce your work load and reduce your cost of material handling. 

Enclosure for FTTx Solution 
We can offer you various types of outdoor enclosure for Fiber to Home solution (FTTx). Our partner also can customize your special requirement to serve your special needs. We also supplier the standard encloser product which currently supply to operators in hailand such as TOT broadband, 3 Broadband, True online and AIS Fiber.